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At a nice hotel bar, Donna and Christi are looking for male prostitutes where Joe and Stanny are just looking to get drunk. This would be something I'd see alone or with my date/girlfriend, maybe even with my friends but most of them would probably give this movie a 3-4.

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“If you use such a dating app, arrange the meeting on your terms in a public place and make sure to tell a trusted friend your intentions and always have a plan to ensure your safety.” In an emailed statement, Tagged spokesman Steve Sarner said the company “is dedicated to the safety and security of its users.” “As such, we have implemented numerous technological and educational tools and features on the site to empower and protect our users,” he said.

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(Just as she told me, she is better looking in person). If you are serious about seeing her, give her a call and see if you can work something out with her. I had a free afternoon one day last week, thought I'd have some fun. Sass seems like a nice chick and I mean no disrespect to her but if some guy writes that she's the ugliest chick in the world with the stinkiest pussy who couldn't suck a cock if you paid her, then that's what he writes.